Quinn Gutman

Composer, Soprano and Visual Artist

In the mind of Quinn Gutman, music is a multisensory art form. Not only can it make us hear amazing sounds, it can also make us feel emotions and give us experiences we cannot describe in words. Therefore, why not use this to our advantage? 

We tend to go though life passively. We do one thing, and then the other, and we have a certain set of ground rules for how to live our life. We never stop to wonder “why do I do this thing? Is it just a habit I’m used to or is it something I like doing?” “Why do I believe this? Is it my own belief or have I been brought up with it knowing nothing else?” or “What would the world look like if it were different?” Quinn wants to use their music give their audience an opportunity to ask these questions. Quinn’s most recent premiere, What is G-d? is a choir piece asking the simple question of “Why do we think of G-d as an old white man?”

Quinn has worked with leading ensembles including Quorum Boston, Mivos Quartet, EnsembleNewSRQ, the JACK Quartet, SŌ Percussion, and Yarn/Wire. They’re currently working on a piece for percussion duo focusing on the meaning of objectification. They’re also currently writing works for soprano Karlie Traversa, soprano Cortlin Presley, and tenor Lester Fernandez.

As a soprano, Quinn specializes in contemporary music. Composers in their repertoire include Anton Webern, Elliott Carter, Nadia Boulanger, and Judith Weir. Quinn currently sings in the LGBTQIA+ choir Quorum Boston and in the chamber new music ensemble, Ensemble Uncaged. They also sing in their own works including The Acosta Cats, for soprano, electronics and piano about the cats that lived on their street, and A Cappella Arias, a collection of songs meant to be sung without accompaniment. 

Quinn is currently working on a Master of Music in both Composition and Voice, studying with Amy Beth Kirsten for composition and Jeffrey Gavett for voice. They hold a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where they studied with Lewis Nielson and Josh Levine. Other teachers include; composition/electronic music — Aaron Helgeson, Tom Lopez, Joo Wan Park, Sam Pluta, Sky Macklay, and Craig Levesque; voice — Perri Montane, Nicole Levesque, Tracy Chebra and Danielle Sinclair; art/video — Donald Harvey, Sam Pluta, and Susan Bleignier.