Nicole Gutman

Composer, Soprano and Visual Artist

Nicole Gutman is a composer who incorporates theater and interdisciplinary art into her music. Narrative and the natural world are her primary inspirations. Almost all her music tells a story or conveys some kind of physical or emotional setting through onomatopoeia in the music and/or theatrical direction executed by the musicians. 

One of her two biggest works, Humanity: The Experience and Development Thereof (2016), is a concert of collaborations with different writers. Each touch on humanity’s evolution of society and being through music, text, dance, theater, and video installation. Her other big work, Riven Driftwood (2014), is a chamber opera in collaboration with librettist Louise Edwards that tells a story of a boy and his mother sailing to a colonized land but are cast away. 

Nicole has worked with leading New Music ensembles including, EnsembleNewSRQ, FL, Yarn/Wire, SŌ Percussion, and the JACK Quartet. Her most recent work is The Immortal, which premiered in June 2017 by the Mivos Quartet. Currently, Nicole is writing book of A Cappella Arias, arias that are to be sung without accompaniment. 

Nicole is also a soprano and has performed in her own compositions, including The Akosta CatsHumanity: The Experience and Development Thereof, and selections of A Cappella Arias. Nicole has also performed in Amid the Noise by Jason Treuning, Arboritum by Robert Morris and the premiere of String Quartet by Daniel Gostelow. She also draws with charcoal and graphite and has incorporated her art into her music, including "The Hunt" from Humanity and It's Coming (and You Can't Ignore It)

Nicole attains a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Oberlin Conservatory of Music where she studied with Lewis Nielson and Josh Levine. Other teachers include; composition/electronic music — Aaron Helgeson, Tom Lopez, Joo Wan Park, Sam Pluta, Sky Macklay, and Craig Levesque; voice — Perri Montane, Nicole Levesque, Tracy Chebra and Danielle Sinclair; art/video — Donald Harvey, Sam Pluta, and Susan Bleignier.


Photographer: Tanya Rosen-Jones