Quinn Gutman

Composer, Soprano and Visual Artist

1:00 PM13:00

New Music Marathon

Enjoy a whole day of non-stop new music written and performed by Longy-affiliated composers, including Quinn Gutman themself! The concert will include Quinn’s A Cappella Arias (including one with text by Robert Frost that has never been performed publicly till now!), What is G-d? (performed by Quorum Boston), their interpretation of December 1952 by Earle Brown, La Musique by Elliott Carter, and a new open-instrumentation piece called TRUTH is… that Quinn wrote with Stephanie Svorinić.

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Celebrating Women Who Compose
8:00 PM20:00

Celebrating Women Who Compose

The Central Florida Composer’s Forum is proud to present our 2nd annual “Celebrating Women Who Compose” 2018, in celebration of “Women’s History Month”.

This concert will feature some of Nicole's A Cappella Arias, couple of familiar ones and a couple of premieres. Other composers on this concert are Bethany Borden, Jessica Klee, Penka Kouneva, Sharon Omens, and Kathy Sakson

Please join Nicole and the CFCF for a beautiful night of music!

Tickets are $10. For more information, please visit cfcomposers.org or email: octavemaker@gmail.com.

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7:30 PM19:30

2017 Central Composers Salon Concert

  • 2000 South Summerlin Orlando, FL 32806 (map)
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Nicole Gutman will perform the official Florida premiere of the first three songs in her series, A Cappella Arias, including "The Thing About Cats," "Witness," and "Mowing." Other composers who's work will be performed at this concert are Daniel Crozier, Paul Harlyn, Seunghee Lee, Brandon Martin, David James Nielsen, Sharon Omens, and Damien Simon. 

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8:00 PM20:00

Humanity: The Experience and Development Thereof

Experience a highly collaborative concert touching on issues in evolution, humanity, humanity's relationship with the world as we know it, humanity's companionship with animals and relation to fiction vs reality. The pieces featured are as follows:



Text by Zachariah Claypole White

Fixed Electronics by Nicole Gutman

Julia Reddin, performer

A short electroacoustic piece narrating one's experiences going through an airport from the arrival to the the plane's take-off.


Inside and Outside the Monkey Cage: An Experiment in Four Cycles

Text by Jay Ray Shapiro

Music by Nicole Gutman

1. The Substitute

3. The Hunt

Ryn McWirter and Nicole Gutman, dancers

4. The Subcontinent

Nicolas Randrianarivelo, singer

Chelsea de Souza, chanter

Jay Ray Shapiro, rapper

Benny Craig, percussion

Three of four cycles touching on human evolution and how it became what it is now.


Warbler Woman

Text by Louise Ling Edwards

Music by Nicole Gutman

Nicole Gutman, voice

Lenny Ranallo, guitar

Benny Craig, vibraphone

A short piece narrating a legend of a mysterious, but also life-giving half-bird/half-human.


Tesla in Love

Text by Nicholas Bassman

Music by Nicole Gutman

James Martin Vitz-Wong, dancer

Justin Weiss, conductor

Kelsey Burnham, flute

Daphne Pickens, violin

Stephanie Atwood, violin

Tommy Chafe, viola

Linnea Scott, cello

A dance piece narrating a moment toward the end of the life of Nikola Tesla when he meets a very special pigeon.

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