Quinn Gutman

Composer, Soprano and Visual Artist


Prufrock (current project) spoken and sung voice, piano, percussion, and alto saxophone

7 Banned Words (2018) voice and vibraphone

The Immortal (2017) string quartet

The Writer (2016) piano and percussion

Tossing and Turning (2016) solo percussion

Let’s Keep in Touch (2015) percussion quartet

Alone Amongst Everyone Else (2015) percussion trio

Sandpipers (2015) flute, clarinet and violin

It’s Coming (and You Can’t Ignore it) (2014) string quartet and bassoon

There’s Nothing to be Afraid of… (2013) cello and 2 percussion

To Unity (2013) piano, cello, and tuba

Breaking Habits (2012) violin and viola; bass clarinet and cello

Abnormal Day (2012) solo clarinet

7 Bagatelles (2011) flute, clarinet, viola, cello, and piano

Monkey and Zookeeper (2011) flute and bass guitar


The Akosta Cats (2017) (text by Louise Edwards) soprano, piano, and fixed electronics

Departure (2016) fixed electronics

Inside and Outside the Monkey Cage (2016) (text by Raymond Chira) fixed electronics and voices

Identities (2015) live electronics and spoken voice

Hunting and Chasing (2013) fixed electronics

Motion in Sound and Sight (2013) fixed electronics, piano, and percussion

Soliloquy (2013) live electronics

Wood and Tin Noise (2012) fixed electronics

Past and Present (2012) fixed electronics, soprano, violin, and piano


A Cappella Arias (current project), solo voice

  • The Thing About Cats (text by John L'Heureux)
  • Witness
  • Mowing (text by Robert Frost)
  • Talk (text by D. H. Lawrence)

Warbler Woman (2016) (text by Louise Edwards) soprano/baritone, acoustic guitar, and vibraphone; soprano/baritone and piano

Tesla in Love (2016) (text by Nicholas Bassman) soprano/tenor, flute, and string quartet

Somebody…? Anybody…? (2014) one person on flute and soprano

Where will Rest the Wanderer? (2013) (original text by Heinrich Heine, translated by Joseph Auslander) boy soprano, oboe, guitar, and piano

Parting at Morning (2013) (text by Robert Browning) mezzo-soprano, flute, and clarinet

The Eagle that is Forgotten (2012) (text by Vachel Lindsey) soprano, flute, and 2 guitars


Riven Driftwood (2014) (Libretto By Louise Edwards)


wine/line(in)gradients (2014) open instrumentation


Music, When Soft Voices Die (2011) (text by Percy Bysshe Shelley) SATB choir